Definition of Types of Membership

To qualify for membership of the British Chamber of Commerce Bahrain, the corporation or person must be directly or indirectly concerned with the promotion of business with the UK or in the export of Bahraini manufactured goods and services to the UK.

Individual Membership

The individual shall directly or indirectly be concerned in a professional capacity with, or have contributed substantially to, the development of British trade. This maybe importing or selling British goods or services in Bahrain or in the export of Bahraini manufactured goods and services to the United Kingdom.

Joining Fee one off payment BD 49.5 (inc VAT)
Membership subscriptions BD 137.500 per year (inc VAT)

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to fully registered Bahraini companies with a valid CR number and with at least five full time employees. A maximum of 5 employees may be included in a corporate membership. One individual shall be designated as the Primary Nominee. Additional members can be added up to 10 per membership.

All applications for Corporate membership shall be made in the normal manner and be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. Members accepted as corporate members are exempt from the individual joining fee.

Joining Fee one off payment BD 126.500 (inc VAT)
Membership subscriptions (includes five memberships) BD 577.5 per year (inc VAT)
Additional members  BD75 each (inc VAT) to a maximum of 5

Honorary Members

Limited to select distinguished persons who are invited by the Executive Committee by virtue of their standing or significant contribution to the Forum.

Transfer of Membership

Individual: Individual membership of the British Chamber of Commerce Bahrain is not transferable from one individual to another.
Corporate: Corporate membership is transferable to another employee of the company but must be approved by the Executive Committee. Additional admin applies.

Membership Voting Rights

Members are eligible to vote at the Annual General Assembly and to stand for election to the Executive Committee, provided they have been members for at least six months prior to the AGA and are fully paid up members. Corporate and individual members have equal voting rights, including standing for election to the Committee.