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Sector Industry Groups (SIG)

Welcome to the British Chamber of Commerce Bahrain Sector Industry Group section of the website

The Sector Industry Groups (SIG’s) are a set of industry-focused or category related subgroups, from the main forum.

Their aim is to highlight the opportunities in Bahrain’s economic diversification plan and Britain’s ambitions for export growth (be those products, services or talent) and assist existing and potential  members in securing a larger share of these.

Additionally, the SIG’s provide the space for members and their guests to meet more frequently and explore issues of concern to them, find ways together with the respective authorities and organisations to make doing business between Britain and Bahrain much easier.

Typically each SIG meets four times per year for workshops, networking, and seminars or to hear from interesting speakers on current subjects, relevant to their sectors.

They also provide outreach to business in the local community, connecting valuable expertise, manufacturers or services of benefit to each and between both countries and a conduit for the same in the United Kingdom.

Currently, there are 8 groups with additional SIG’s due to be announced during early 2019.

Our SIG Heads provide their time voluntarily and welcome the support and feedback of the British Chamber of Commerce Bahrain wider membership.

How can you get involved?

  • Come along and support a meeting even if it is not directly connected to your industry
  • Suggest ideas for an event or activity you think would be of value
  • If you have a strong interest in the business sector, have the passion and energy to start a group, let us know
  • If you are a technical expert or have valuable and timely information to share, contact the relevant SIG Head

Have other suggestions for improvements we can make, contact any of our team or the Committee.