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Au – a new automatic coding language launched in Bahrain at Bahrain British Business Forum’s ICT meeting

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1. Dr. Raj Curwen, Paul Groom and Maria Al Araibi with the BBBF representatives

2. Dr. Raj Curwen addressing the audience

Bahrain chosen as the 1st international market for the launch of Au – a new automatic coding language created for a new generation of software developers

Manama, Bahrain – 11 February 2020: Information technology specialists gathered at an exclusive launch event for Au the new automatic coding language at Bahrain British Business Forum’s special interest group meeting for ICT professionals yesterday. The event, organised in partnership with Tamkeen, Aucoda and DHU3, was held at Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain hotel.  Dr. Raj Curwen, the inventor of the new automatic coding language Au, was the keynote speaker at the meeting.

Au has been in development for six years, and during this time has completed software development projects in the UK for multiple clients including the NHS, HMRC and the Metropolitan Police, generating over 20 million lines of code in the process. Au is quicker to learn than other comparable coding languages and has been proven to be more than four times more efficient, delivering solutions to the market faster and cheaper.

Dr. Raj Curwen said: “Au is an enabler, and will open software development to a larger audience in Bahrain.  We chose Bahrain as the first market outside the UK to launch Au because Bahrain has a large human capital resource of young, talented and well-educated individuals. We believe Au will help advance the local software development community, thus reducing the need to seek offshore software development. I’d like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Tamkeen and the EDB for their support in bringing Au to Bahrain.”

The Au software development language can be adopted by all types of businesses from start-ups to SMEs and larger corporations. This month, Aucoda and its local partner DHU3 will work closely with Bahrain-based companies to help them identify suitable IT talent within their organisations, and then train them over the next few weeks. In March, Dr. Curwen will return to Bahrain to hold a number of software master classes to complete the training.

Paul Groom, Director of DHU3, commented: “We will be identifying various software development projects in Bahrain for completion between March and September this year. We are creating an initiative called the “Au Bahrain Bash” and all delegates this week will be invited to participate in it.”

The Au Bahrain Bash will encourage companies of all sizes to nominate an employee to be trained in the Au language, or alternatively use Dhu3 developers. Each company will identify a key development project for the Au developer to complete within an agreed time limit. The objective is to deliver completed projects, faster, in full, and more efficiently than traditional offshore software development options. Aucoda and Dhu3 will provide support and assistance to all participating companies and developers throughout the Bahrain Bash.

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