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Oil, Gas & Energy

Purpose of the Group

The Special Interest Group (SIG) for Oil, Gas & Energy was established in 2014 in order to create a forum to present and discuss key topics of interest in the industry.

SIG is open to BBBF members, companies as well as non-members, by way of invitation to attend presentation meetings on key topics of interest.  Given the vast topics available, one of SIG’s main objectives is to cover as many key topics as possible, supported by presentations from Industry and Subject Matter Experts

The subject for the next Special Interest Group (SIG) for Oil, Gas & Energy is on Sustainable Renewable Energy, with particular focus on thermal treatment and the conversion of Waste into Energy (WTE).

As Governments in the Region seek to diversify energy sources in order to reduce reliance upon heavy fuel types, proven concepts of deriving Energy from Waste will present much needed environmental benefits as well as tackle the growing issue Governments levying an increased  energy tariffs, burdening both commercial and domestic consumers.

The SIG meeting is planned for Wednesday, 29th March with a presentation on Sustainable Renewable Energy, which aims to be of interest to many industry sectors within the Region.

The Special Interest Group for Oil, Gas & Energy is led by OAK Utility Solutions & Development and OAK welcomes volunteers to offer their time and expertise in contributing to the running of this important SIG.

If you are interested in contributing to this SIG in any way, please contact Mr. Simon Bromyard, Projects Director; sbromyard@oakbh.com.